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Is your website ready for mobile design? Mine is!

Ever notice how a website may look different when viewing from a smart phone instead of a web browser on a desktop computer? Mobile responsiveness is a websites ability to properly respond to the device that it is being viewed on.  That’s what I am talking about and if you haven’t noticed and your a business owner then you are behind. You maybe saying, “I don’t need this, I have a small business” but your wrong, more and more each day people are using phones or other handheld devices to make purchases or other decisions about where to spend their hard earned money. Surely by now you have heard of an App (Application), but do you have one? Your business could be falling behind drastically when you overlook these technological advances for businesses. If you hire a designer to consciously build your website for a mobile device you could in essence use your handheld device design for your free application. Make sure you and your designer can work together on decisions for streamlining the look and feel of the website to continue your identity for business purposes. Need help? I can do it!



This is a great band from Point Pleasant, WV. These guys new exactly what they were looking for in the studio. We got some great photos. Rock and Roll themed shoot with lots of leather, make-up and sun glasses.

In the wake of Hell in My Heart, Bobaflex have toured the eastern US and continued to conquer radio playlists literally from one coast to the other. With an aggressive summer touring schedule, including an appearance at Rock on the Range, 2012 is the launch point for a breakout year. Of course, slowing down is not an option, and as you read these words, the band are already working on new material. Because no matter how bad or how good things get, Bobaflex never stop fighting.